The Players

Mike Deyo

Bass / Keyboards / Triggers

Mike’s love for Rush started in 1978 and 2112 – A Tribute to Rush is an ongoing chapter to this nearly 40 year devotion. Mike formed 2112 – A Tribute to Rush in 2004 recruiting Phil Jones and presenting a first show in 2005. One highlight in Mike’s tribute career was being a part of the documentary “For The Love Of Rush” which documented Rush tribute bands in Canada and the USA.

Mike continues his love and devotion to Rush’s fans by arranging and performing Bass Guitar, Keyboards and the complex Effects and Triggers required to accurately and entertainingly emulate the live and studio sound of Rush’s earlier career at every 2112 performance.

Rob Miniaci

Lead Vocals

Robert is the voice of 2112 A Tribute To RUSH, 1974-83 recreating live and studio renditions in a striking tribute to Geddy Lee’s hard to equal soprano (and more) tone. In classic Rush songs from such live concert albums as All The World’s A Stage and Exit Stage Left, Robert’s passionate voice challenges audiences to believe it’s not Geddy and yet brings a new and special vibe to each performance. For just over 10 years and 200 performances Robert is also the voice of CODA The Mighty Led Zeppelin Experience. In 2013 Robert performed with Classic Albums Live covering the album Led Zeppelin II and more, performing at The Georgian Theatre. In 2014, Robert performed in “Boomer” a multimedia broadway-style extravaganza, telling the story of the boomer generation while weaving in it’s most popular songs.

Honoured to be asked to join 2112 to cover lead vocals from Rush’s 1974 – 1983 era, Robert loves that 2112 covers the songs that made RUSH the legendary band that they’ve become, loved by so many world wide. 2112’s audiences can close their eyes (or keep them wide open for Rob is easy on them) and certainly think Robert transcends in his tribute to Lee.

Phil Jones

Guitar / Triggers

Phil started playing guitar at age 10.  At 19 one of his friends asked how much he remembered, and convinced him to learn a few songs and start a band. To his surprise he enjoyed the process of learning and playing songs, and it was at this time that he realized that he had found his “thing.” Since then he hasn’t looked back and has played in many cover bands, including tributes to The Doors and Stone Temple Pilots.

This is actually Phil’s second tour of duty in 2112. Back in 2005 Phil answered Mike’s call looking for a guitarist, and this was the beginning of 2112. Phil has been a big Rush fan since age 16, when he bought their first live album – All The Worlds A Stage (which blew him away!). Phil is excited to be back in 2112, playing all the great Rush songs he loves.

Ron Hiegelsberger

Drums / Percussion

Ron showed an immense interest in the drums at the age of 7. By the age of 12, he was playing mostly a progressive style of rock ( including Rush). By 1984, he was on the road full time, travelling across Canada and through the States entertaining audiences with original music and flawless covers of some of the most talented drummers in the music world.

By 1991, he joined a band called “The Game”( now called Hunter)… playing classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s. They have played to loyal audiences from the early 90’s to present day, establishing a large fan base in the Barrie, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach area. In 2015, Ron was approached to join 2112 – A Tribute To Rush . Ron shows great respect for the ultimate percussive (and lyricist) talent of Neil Peart. Ron has painstaking collected a close reproduction of Peart’s extensive percussive kit to combine with his own experienced talent that expresses his love of Rush and Rush’s faithful at every 2112 gig.