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2112 Tribute Kit

The Kit

The kit is complete, Phil Jones and Mike Deyo have worked hard to get this kit together for our fans. I’d like to thank Ron Hiegelsberger for filling the professors seat behind this beautiful Neil Peart tribute kit. Ron’s suggestions and support have always been very much appreciated.

This drum build is truly For The Love Of Rush and Neil Peart. Some more thank you’s to Long and McQuade Burlington, TRS Custom Drums and the support of all family members.

This kit is a hybrid of two Neil Peart drum sets, Chromey and Farewell To Kings. Looking forward to seeing this under lights when. 2112 returns to venues upon opening…bring your sunglasses 🕶



Pearl Export

6 – 8 – 10 – 12 inch Pearl concert toms, copper wrapped.

12 – 13 – 14 – 16 – 18 inch Toms.

14×5.5 Simon Phillips Gladiator Tama Snare

14×5.5 Mapex Design Lab Maple Shell Snare

20 inch Gong Drum

2 x 22 inch Bass Drums



14 – 15 inch LP Sheila E Timbales

1 Glockenspiel

1 Melodic Cowbells

1 Temple Of Syrinx Blocks

1 Brass Bell Tree

3 Chimes Trees

1 Tubular Bells

1 F# Crotale




2 x 8 inch Sabian Splash

14 inch Sabian Dave Weckl Evolution Crash

14 inch Zildjian Hats

14 – 16 inch Zildjian K Crash

16 inch Sabian AAX Crash

18 inch Sabian Neil Peart Paragon China

18 inch Wuhan China

20 inch Zildjian K Ride