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A Farewell To Kings
Graces “The Rockpile” stage March 4-17


A Farewell To Kings

The fifth studio album from Rush, released on September 1, 1977 by Anthem Records and Mercury Records in the USA. It was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales and was mixed at Advision Studios in London. A Farewell To Kings would eventually become Rush’s first US gold-selling album, receiving the certification within two months of its release and was eventually certified platinum.

2112 will be preforming A Farewell To Kings March 4 at The Rockpile.

  1. “A Farewell To Kings”
  2. “Xanadu”
  3. “Closer To The Heart”
  4. “Cinderella Man”
  5. “Madrigal”
  6. “Cygnus X-1: The Voyage”
  • I. Prologue
  • II. 1
  • III. 2
  • IV. 3